quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2011

the handmade Portuguese possession (take 2)

Hi everyone! =)
Here we are again with this new topic - a portuguese handmade object.
Today we present the selection of our team mate Miriam (elefante, é a vida!).

elefante, é a vida!, can you share with us the handmade Portuguese possession you most cherish? Tell us a bit more about it.

I have a lot of portuguese handmade objects in my home. I really like to mix industrial new objects with vintage and handmade ones. It gives personality to the space and it contributes to became really a home. I love the portuguese baskets and I have a few here in my home as like in my parents home. So today I choosed three of it to show you. The biggest one is very very old and I found it in my parent's attic, I use it to put some magazines and newspapers but it was perfect to to put some needles and yarn. The littlest one, with details in green and red, I usually use to keep little things in my work desk.  And the rounder one with the cover, my favourite, I use to keep some tape measures =) This last one, as well as I know, is a traditional basket from Algarve and it was given to me almost 30 years ago by some friends of my parents.

2 comentários:

  1. Amazing Miriam!! I love baskets too and these ones are very beautiful! My mother is also a great collector, she has something like 1000 baskets... :O

    oh! and we have Toino Abel in our team, a basket artisan ;)

  2. Beautiful baskets!!! I love using them to put the yarn I have laying around :))))